Social Media – Part i


First things first. I’ve set up an official Instagram page for my business!

It is really quick and easy to set up, just using my business email address and deciding on a username which hasn’t already been taken and then I am away. Instagram can be slightly challenging as some features only work on mobile devices. For instance, a user can’t post using a desktop nor can they change their account to a business account which is what I did next.

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 15.35.50
Profile Details

Firstly, I had to sign onto the Instagram account using my phone. Once I had done that, I went to Settings and Account. From here it was really simple to switch my account over to a business one by confirming my email address, choosing the category for my business and also giving me the option to connect to a Facebook page. As I have not set a Facebook page up yet, this is something I can come back to in the near or distance future.

What are the benefits of a business account on Instagram?

  • Access to Instagram Insights. This provides my business with all of the essential data it needs to know about and how my posts perform. It helps provide insight into what content works and what doesn’t. It gives information about my followers to help me build a picture of those who take an interest in me.
  • Adding A contact button. Although I have my website address in the description of the account, followers can quickly email using the contact information.
  • Advertise and Promote. With more money, I would be able to make adverts and display them across Facebook and Instagram. I also have the option of promoting my profile and posts for a fee.


Now that the Instagram page is set up and ready I have made my first post on the account. I have used the logo as the image and I have added a short description. I additionally added hashtags as a way of reaching a wider audience as the account/post then becomes more discoverable.

I have made sure to use relevant hashtags and by looking at other Digital Media business to see what kind of hashtags they used.

First Post




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